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When most people think about the gym, they either relate it to a large fitnesstraining

center or an exercise room. Some may be a little apprehensive while

others look at it as a second home. The latter is likely what you will find at Penn

Training and Fitness Center located in Hilo.

Just off the gorgeous windward side of Big Island, Penn Training and Fitness

Center is a premiere location for health and wellness. Dedicated to their member’s

well being, the staff treat their wide range of members like family, helping all ages

of wellness seekers to reach their physical, mental and emotional potential.

Focused on community involvement, Penn Training and Fitness Center isn’t just for

adults. With the youngest member at age four and the oldest reaching 78, there

are a wide variety of activities on-site dedicated to helping your every need. With

a mission to “help as many people as [they] can achieve the goals they have set

for themselves in relation to their fitness goals and overall health” it’s no wonder

they’re the best at what they do.

If you know the Penn family, then you know that nothing is more important than

ohana. There are many programs to incorporate families together or to involve

individuals in their own specific activities. Change is crucial to the achievement

of your goals, and with the expansion of their facilities, Penn Training and Fitness

Center will be able to offer even more than they already do. With their new designs,

they don’t just offer an extensive Mixed Martial Arts training facility, although their

MMA program is pretty impressive. They also offer group fitness classes ranging in

a variety of up-and-coming specialties, as well as, keiki jiu-jitsu classes to help your

child build self-esteem and find a productive activity. And if classes and formal

instruction isn’t your thing, there is a weight room with high quality exercise

equipment and essentials needed for any workout experience.

It’s not just on-site help provided either. On-line at the Penn Training and Fitness

center offers nutrition and meal plan advice for everyone. It’s a foolproof guide

to help you not only achieve your ideal weight, but to maintain your nutritional

values through food in-take and exercise. Nutrition is more than just counting

calories; it’s about keeping up with your daily vitamins and minerals in order to

achieve the real goal: being healthy.

You can still eat your favorite foods and maintain a balanced nutrition. With the

help of their online meal plan guide you can type in what foods you have eaten for

the day and the guide can help you see where you need to fill in the blanks. Some

foods we know can give us the nutritional value we need, but sometimes we are

getting too much of one thing and not enough of another. This guide can help you

understand what you’re missing and suggest foods that can fill your nutritional


Although a large part of fitness is working out and eating right, there is an

immense variety of work that goes into reaching your healthy goals. Sometimes

it can be hard to do alone and Penn Training and Fitness Center understands that.

That is why they offer their help in a variety of ways so you can get where you

want to be at a comfortable pace.

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