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Taryn Alessandro

Hawaii exudes a unique artistic culture, which caters to creative professionals

searching for inspiration. After earning her degree with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in

painting from Boston University is 2007, Taryn Alessandro studied fine arts at the

Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, the Decordova Museum School and studied painting

abroad in Italy. With an academic background to back her impressive body of

work, this rising artist from Connecticut continues to inspire others with her gift

of creation.

A resident of Lahaina, Maui, Taryn is a talented young artist who seeks inspiration

not only from the cascading landscape that surrounds her, but also in the

emotional complexities of the people she comes into contact with. Observation

is a strength that heavily lends to her ability to create beauty in a physical form.

She believes, “Real people in raw, candid, everyday, unromanticized yet beautiful

moments nearly always become the focus of my works.” With a plethora of scenic

beauty and backdrops that accommodate her everyday life, Taryn’s art presents

a unique appeal with her focus on the human emotions that drive individuality,

while paralleling these features with the innate beauty that only Hawaii can offer.

Just as emotions change from person to person, so do Taryn’s choice of

materials. As a mixed media artist, her process “involves many layers, and a

fine balance between structure and play.” Working from various references of

photos, textiles, design, imagination and more, materials used include, “Gold

leaf, paper, resin, sand, corrugated cardboard, and other found objects that

add texture, depth, and excitement to [her] work, providing both a visual and

tactile experience.” With a multitude of objects used, Taryn tells her story with

these tangible items, weaved together to provoke a new emotion in each new

viewer. Her work projects a life-like feel with the incorporation of paint and

sand on select canvases, connecting physical and internal elements together.

The essence of her art lies in her ability to appreciate the beauty and power in

an individual movement or expression in its natural environment.

With a growing portfolio and fresh approach to classic techniques, Taryn has

and continues to enjoy each new creative impulse that comes her way. “I have

been in a love affair with drawing and painting ever since I can remember.

Creating art completely immerses me. More than a passion, it almost becomes

an obsession. I feel blessed that it is also my career.”

Taryn is currently represented by Images Fine Art Gallery at 900 Front St.,

Lahaina, Maui. Please visit her website at to view

more of her work.

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