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A Ruckus in Honolulu

 Nothing on the road looks like a Ruckus. The very basic, no frills design keeps the urban cruiser looking rugged and simple. One of the most noticeable  features of Honda’s simplistic design is it’s exoskeleton. The exposed tubular frame creates the perfect foundation for modifications that remain subtle and true to the Ruckus appeal.

It became my mission to search out Hawaii’s most talented Ruckus customizing shop and capture their creativity.

Wrench Werks. Hawaii’s #1 independent Volkswagen and Audi repair shop. This is where I found the most elaborate customized Ruckus I’d ever seen. The wide rear tire, custom exhaust, billet handlebars, I didn’t know where to begin. Shop owner Lance Lizares had arranged to have an entire fleet of one of a kind bikes at the shop that day, and every time I turned my head another one would appear. Each one had it’s own personality and distinct theme. It was apparent to me that this was more than a hobby for these guys, it was a disease.

I spoke to Lance about the changes he had made and found that the only thing on this bike that remained stock was the forward-most part of the frame. Every piece of it had been touched. Every bolt had been replaced and every wire hidden.  The low, stretched out stance and House of Kolor black paint gave a menacing vibe that commanded attention.

Wrench Werks is in the process of manufacturing a line of aftermarket parts that will make it possible for anyone with a couple dollars to create their very own unique Ruckus. For those of you that are interested in catching the Ruckus disease, visit the shop at 812 ILANIWAI ST. HONOLULU HI 96813 for more information, or on the web at Keep in mind that you don’t need to be a millionaire, but you should for sure be a thousandaire before considering taking on this type of build. For everyone else, enjoy the pictures.

RPK Ruckus (34)
RPK Ruckus (33)
RPK Ruckus (32)
RPK Ruckus (31)
RPK Ruckus (30)
RPK Ruckus (29)
RPK Ruckus (28)
RPK Ruckus (27)
RPK Ruckus (26)
RPK Ruckus (25)
RPK Ruckus (24)
RPK Ruckus (23)
RPK Ruckus (22)
RPK Ruckus (21)
RPK Ruckus (20)

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