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RobG3 brings a refreshing approach to contemporary art with his hauntingly dark, very intense portraits. Born in East Oakland California, Rob moved to Oahu on a football scholarship for the University of Hawaii. Both athletic and artistic, RobG3 majored in Fine Arts where he developed his skills, mastered his weaknesses, and embraced his passion. In 2004, he published his first art series, Reflections in Sound Parts I and II. This publicity lead him to create works for celebrities 50 Cent and Interscope Records, Motley Crue, The Jimi Hendrix Estate, and was part of the Alberta/Saskatchewan Bicentennial project for the Queen of England. His impressive resume of celebrity inteterst mirrors his quality of work, and thought provoking images. Intense and venerable, RobG3 hasthe ability to convey emptiness in his subjects without deviating from their natural beauty and presence. When asked what attracts him to create a particular piece, he responds, “I’m attracted more to iconic images and people that many can relate to. Often, such iconic images will remind us of moments in life that we tie strongly to emotions. I like to recreate such vehicles to transport my viewers to another place and/or time.” When asked about his process, he tells me, “My process is pretty simple…I believe in painting works that don’t need a ton of interpretation, yet provoke conversation and emotion. Therefore, I start works to create a piece that speaks for itself.” Truly intriguing, RobG3’s contemporary realist style portrays subjects in an honest light, refraining from distractions and unnecessary additives. RobG3’s work is featured at UMI O. Studios. Please visit their site at

Evangelista in Ecstacy, detail skirt
Don't Judge Me


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